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Department: Type: Bid Name:

2016-2017 Asphalt Overlay Task Order Contract Package 8 Invitation for BidsTCI 06/13/2016 07/12/2016
2016-2017 Reconstruction Task Order Contract Package 9 Invitation for BidsTCI 06/10/2016 07/05/2016
2016-2017 Task Order Contract for Traffic Signal Modifications Invitation for BidsTCI 06/27/2016 07/26/2016
6100007497 SC SAFD-FIRE STATION FURNITURE Invitation for BidsFinance 06/15/2016 07/01/2016
6100007503 Parking Anlysis & Feasibility Study Request for QualificationsAviation 06/15/2016 07/15/2016
6100007515 RS Formal A/C for Supply of 5 & 15 Gallon Shade, Ornamental, Fruit and Nut Trees Invitation for BidsFinance 06/29/2016 07/18/2016
6100007554 LD FORMAL PURCHASE OF LIGHT, MEDIUM AND HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS, VANS AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT Invitation for BidsFinance 06/01/2016 06/22/2016
Extended to 07/08/2016
6100007590 DF A/C for Fire Alarm Systems Inspection, Maintenance, Testing & Repair Services for BES Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 05/17/2016 06/20/2016
Extended to 07/06/2016
6100007593 Air Service Development Consultant Request for ProposalsAviation 06/15/2016 07/15/2016
6100007647 RR Informal A/C for Lawn Care Services for Health District’s Benavides Learning Center Invitation for BidsFinance 06/22/2016 07/08/2016
6100007651 MB FORMAL A/C FOR OVERHEAD DOOR PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS AND PARTS FOR SAAS Invitation for BidsFinance 06/17/2016 07/08/2016
6100007654 MB INFORMAL ANNUAL CONTRACT FOR WINDOW WASHING AT THE ALAMODOME Invitation for BidsFinance 06/15/2016 07/01/2016
6100007699 DF Formal Annual JOC for On-Call Electrical Maintenance & Repairs Services - Citywide Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 06/24/2016 07/27/2016
Brackenridge Park Invitation for BidsTCI 06/22/2016 07/12/2016
Broker Dealer Services RFQ 016-071 Request for QualificationsFinance 06/20/2016 07/20/2016
Downtown Streets - Main & Soledad Invitation for BidsTCI 06/08/2016 07/12/2016
Financial Underwriting Services RFQ 016-085 Request for QualificationsFinance 06/27/2016 07/29/2016
INVESTMENT CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT TRAINING SERVICES, RFP 016-070 Request for ProposalsFinance 06/20/2016 07/20/2016
Operations and Facility Management of Newly Constructed Brooks Spay/Neuter Clinic Request for ProposalsAnimal Care Svcs 06/05/2016 07/06/2016
Extended to 07/13/2016
Operations and Facility Management Paul Jolly Center for Animal Adoptions Request for ProposalsAnimal Care Svcs 06/05/2016 07/06/2016


It is solely your responsibility to check this Web site for updates and addenda to requests for qualifications, requests for proposals and invitations for bids. Your failure to respond to all requirements will result in the rejection of your proposal.