6100004653 RFQ for Broker Dealer Services

The City, through its Investment Officers, shall attempt to provide opportunities to the entire Approved List of Broker/Dealer Firms for security buy and sell transactions. The City will obtain at least three quotes on secondary market investment transactions on a rotating basis. Broker/Dealer Firms must demonstrate extensive fixed income and money market experience, and experience with governmental entities and their requirements. ALL TRANSACTIONS WITH THE CITY WILL BE SETTLED ON A DELIVERY VERSUS PAYMENT BASIS INTO THE CITY’S DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY. Broker/Dealer Firms are required to review and certify the Policy in compliance with the Act. (See Investment Policy Certification, Attachment B within RFP Document.) This Investment Policy Certification must not be edited in any way and must be submitted to the City in order to be considered for its Approved List of Broker/Dealer Firms. Pre-Submittal Conference: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 1:00 P.M. CT at the City of San Antonio, Finance Department, Purchasing Division Hill Country Conference Room, Riverview Towers, 111 Soledad, Suite 1100, San Antonio, TX 78205. To view this solicitation, go to https://supplierservice.sanantonio.gov/irj/portal. If you have not completed the City’s SAePS Vendor Registration, you must do so in order to view the solicitation and submit a response. TO REGISTER: You will need to complete the vendor registration by accessing the SAePS Vendor Registration at http://www.sanantonio.gov/purchasing/SAePS.aspx. Questions regarding registration may be submitted to the SAePS Hotline at: (210) 207-0118 or by email at: vendors@sanantonio.gov Note: After you have successfully registered, you will need to send an email to the staff contact person requesting to be added to the solicitation vendor distribution list.

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