Invitation for Bids for Surplus Property ***REVISED***

The Urban Renewal Agency for the City of San Antonio, also known as the Office of Urban Redevelopment (OUR SA) a political subdivision, under the provisions of Tex. Loc. Govt. Code ยง 374.017, and San Antonio Affordable Housing, Inc. (SAAH) a non-profit operating on behalf of the Urban Renewal Agency are accepting sealed bids for the purchase of surplus OUR SA and SAAH owned real property. Property descriptions and bid packets can be obtained through the City of San Antonio Website: or by contacting Scott Price, Real Estate Manager, City of San Antonio, at (210) 207-6357; or by email: Timely bids for the entire parcel only and not for portions of the parcel will be considered. OUR SA and SAAH reserve the right to cancel this procurement or reject any and all bids at any time and for any reason. The bids selected, if any, will be reviewed for bid amount, intended use, and the timing of development/construction. The price and conditions of sale are subject to the approval of the OUR SA Board of Commissioners, SAAH Board of Directors, and the City of San Antonio.

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