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Department: Type: Bid Name:

6100003766 IM Informal Annual Contract for Incident Management System-CSF Invitation for BidsFinance 04/17/2014 05/07/2014
6100003904 VF Formal Annual Contract for Dog and Cat Food Invitation for BidsFinance 03/20/2014 04/07/2014
Extended to 04/18/2014
6100003923 SM Formal Annual Contract for Airport Lighting Parts, Signs and Accessories Invitation for BidsFinance 04/07/2014 04/21/2014
6100003982 MM Formal Annual Contract for Etnyre Parts & Service Invitation for BidsFinance 04/08/2014 04/23/2014
6100004062, 14-033 RFCSP for Taxi Services for Senior Citizens (Non-Medical Emergency) Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 04/10/2014 05/02/2014
6100004110 CE Formal Annual Contract for Towing Services for Vehicles & Equipment Invitation for BidsFinance 04/02/2014 04/18/2014
Extended to 04/28/2014
6100004153 CS Formal Contract for Fire Prevention Admin Vehicles Invitation for BidsFinance 04/15/2014 05/02/2014
6100004184, 14-024 Web-Based Film & Video Location Photo/Contact Manager/Resource Guide System Request for Competitive Sealed ProposalsFinance 04/09/2014 04/30/2014
6100004201 SLG Formal Invitation for Bid Alamodome Turf Project Invitation for BidsFinance 04/15/2014 04/30/2014
6100004211 RS Formal Annual Contract for Supply of Trees Invitation for BidsFinance 04/04/2014 04/21/2014
6100004213 Request for Proposals - IT Support Plan Request for ProposalsAviation 04/09/2014 05/09/2014
6100004236 VF Formal Annual Contract for Veterinary Supplies for Animal Care Services Invitation for BidsFinance 04/08/2014 04/28/2014
6100004257 AJ Informal A/C for Hot Applied Thermoplastic & Permanent Prefab Pavement Markings Invitation for BidsFinance 04/03/2014 04/17/2014
Extended to 04/22/2014
6100004264 JF Formal Contract for Municipal Facilities Lighting Retrofit Project Invitation for BidsFinance 04/14/2014 05/09/2014
6100004266 AJ Formal Annual Contract for Black Soil Products Invitation for BidsFinance 04/10/2014 04/28/2014
6100004304 AAS Formal Annual Contract for SAPD Helicopter Parts, Engines, and Repairs Invitation for BidsFinance 03/27/2014 04/11/2014
Extended to 04/18/2014
6100004326 VF Informal Annual Contract for Galion, Gradall, and Bomag Parts and Service - REBID Invitation for BidsFinance 04/07/2014 04/23/2014
6100004335 CC Formal Annual Contract for Aviation Pressure Washing Services Invitation for BidsFinance 04/04/2014 04/21/2014
6100004347 SC Annual Contract for Medical Supplies Request for OfferFinance 04/15/2014 04/30/2014
6100004393 LM Formal Invitation for Bid for SAOEM EOC A/V Digital Upgrade Phase II Invitation for BidsFinance 04/15/2014 05/02/2014


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